M.Sc Programme Details

M.Sc Programme Details

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The aim of this professional Refining and Petrochemical programme is to provide graduates with broad based training required for management in the petroleum, chemical, and energy industries.

On completion of the Masters’ Programme, the graduates will among other skills, be able to:

  • Evaluate oil and gas hydrocarbon structures
  • Learn and Understand various separation/fractionation methods employed in refining crude oil
  • Study secondary petroleum refining processes to improve fuel yields
  • Know how molecules are cracked by processes like catalytic, thermal, and hydrocracking.
  • Grasp the concept of Catalysis and Reactor design
  • Identify contaminants present in crude oil and their removal processes
  • Find out how these contaminants can be converted into harmless compounds to improve qualities of finished refinery products to prevent destruction of expensive catalysts, and minimize corrosion of refining equipments, or prevent environmental pollution.
  • Evaluate how specific qualities of refined products are improved by blending and using additives.
  • Process modeling of crude oil refining process using Aspen Refsys.
  • Evaluate petrochemical Precursors (feedstocks), their unit operations, and final products.
  • Determine how plastics (thermoplastics and thermosets) are made.

Duration of Programme

The duration of the programme will be 12 calender months of intensive full time study. Industry/company workers can equally attend modular/sandwich programmes and accumulate credits.

Award of Degree

Successful students at the end of the programme shall receive an M.Sc in Gas, Refining and Petrochemicals of the University of Port Harcourt.

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